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Medicine is a 45min trip from beautiful psychedelic over dusty stoner riffs to heavy doom metal. After listening to this album you'll need that Medicine over and over again...


released January 19, 2017

Recorded Nov./Dec. 2016 at Milberg Studios in Stuttgart.

If you want to buy a CD, just write us: beesmadehoneyintheveintree@gmail.com


Simon Weinrich - Guitar + Vocals
Marc Dreher - Drums + Vocals
Christopher Popowitsch - Bass
Lucas Dreher - Guitar
Artwork by Simon Weinrich
Desgin by Christopher Popowitsch



all rights reserved


Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree Stuttgart, Germany

Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree is a Psychedelic Doom Rock band from Stuttgart, Germany.
Beautiful and eerie psychedelic mixed with heavy doom riffs charakterized their sound. At 01/19/2017 they released their first album called "Medicine".

Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/beesmadehoneyintheveintree/
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Track Name: Every Night I Walk the Same Trail of Thought
My skin becomes the ground, it's easier to walk that way
I'm covering the walls in toadstools to mark the way

Gramophones flap their wings, the trees rustle their roots
Their leaves are fleeting fast upstream, nature conceals my trace
Ride the bus through marble walls, the tall grass there awaits
My headlights disagree with me, they're never to return

Every night I walk the same trail of thought a little bit further
Spiraling like a moth, transcending fire and finding home
They call me bastard child, but that's not who I am
Empty-handed the return, you can't grasp a roaring stream

The ground is gleaming bright, I knew this place, it can't be far
The loons are fast asleep this is my place I finally made it home
Track Name: Burn the Sun
Jump the fence
Burn the sun
You won't find yourself
Among your peers
Down there
On your mother's grave
For yourself
Hubris lights the path
To your dept

Burn sun
Burn the sun

Give me death
send new light
inside my dreary eyes
Track Name: Sail Away I
Sail away (..)

Wade through the water
Your skin won't leave the ground
Your skin has you wanting
Your skin won't leave you be

We lost all oats at cape cod
Pluck the albatross
Piercing eyes fall down the well
Chew brush, spit black

Who spared the broken hull?
Howling boiler testified
Consult the entrails
Boil down saliva
Track Name: Sail Away II
I sold her teeth
For a gun
The merchant cried
And crawled away
Diving blindly
Is such a waste

Sail away (...)